Cannabis is legal in a handful of states and quasi-legal in many more.  However, there are still states where cannabis is very much illegal.  Thousands of individuals are prosecuted in these states every year, some even facing up to life in prison.  If you are one of these people, or you would like to help one of these people, please register as a user and start using this website.

Whether the individual uses cannabis for medicinal, recreational or religious purposes, is irrelevant in states that prosecute for its possession.  It is the mission of forward thinking individuals everywhere to release all prisoners incarcerated on cannabis charges and to stop arresting and prosecuting otherwise law abiding citizens.  The reality is that it may be a while before cannabis is legal in all fifty states.  In the meantime, we must protect ourselves and come to the defense of others facing unfair charges.

Are you a victim of the prohibition of cannabis?  Tell us your story.  Ask others to come to your defense.  Connect with others across the country who are going through similar situations.  Thanks for your interest and support.

I am NOT a criminal.

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